We Couldn’t Do It Without You

The names on this page are of those who have helped us achieve our goals in many ways. Among them are scientists, educators, researchers, former science place employees, journalists, and many people who grew up at The Science Place. All of these individuals and organizations share our love for this unique place in time, and worked hard to help us preserve its memory. We do what we can to show our thanks, but it will never be enough. This list will update continuously to reflect our most recent contributions.

Lloyd Ritchey John Slate Paul Vinson
John Cotton Karen Morton Dr. Jason Treadway
Eric Neilson Marilyn Waters Catarina Shelton
Brittany VanGordon Joseph Miller Micheal Hubbard
Elaine P. Wildman David Overton Andrew Boerder
Elise Broadway Alex D. Macon Kyle Layne
Brice Praslicka

Action Video Service
Dallas Municipal Archives