Our Story

We are The Science Place Foundation - a small, independent nonprofit which was started by four good friends with a common vision. Our mission is simple - or, it should’ve been. That is to say, we didn’t anticipate the monumental task which lay ahead of us when we dreamt this project up one night. We set out to create a digital museum, or a meta-museum, if you will. Preserving the 75-year history of The Science Place sounds easy, right?

Turns out, we need a lot of help. There was not much to work with in the beginning. The Internet had all but forgotten The Science Place. It’s existence was only evidenced by the random mentions on social media posts and the occasional news article, all asking the same question: “What happened to The Science Place?

We answered that question pretty quickly. What we couldn’t figure out was why we only had our memories to show for it. We had no photos, videos, or physical proof. Where were all the home movies? Where were all the family photos? Surely, a museum would be self-documenting. There had to be something out there, we were sure of it.

We scoured the internet - sent hundreds of emails, looked through thousands of search results, combed through the WayBack Machine. We found every scrap of data that contained any evidence of our beloved museum. After we were sure that we had searched the whole internet, it still wasn’t enough. So we reached out, and here we are. Thanks for visiting us, it means a lot.

So what are we going to do with all this sappy nostalgic data? Well, we’re going to build a museum - of course. It won’t be The Science Place as it was - we know we can’t bring it back completely. We are building a digital meta-museum to ensure the memory of this place doesn’t fade. Perhaps, you could think of it as a digital monument. A place everyone can go, anytime they want, for free, to remember what it was like to experience such a unique place in time.